Bana Hills Golden Bridge is one of the famous places that any tourist should not miss. It is a part of the “mini Europe” – Bana Hills. So that you can enjoy beautiful landscapes and take pictures while standing here.

In this blog, we will show everything you need to know about the Golden Bridge Bana Hill. It is great to get to know some information about the golden bridge. Then, we will share local tips to save your money!

Information about Bana Hills Golden Bridge


Golden Bridge is a famous destination in Da Nang. The Bridge is located at Sun World Bana Hills. The company is well known for creating attractive entertainment areas in Da Nang city. Bana Hills is also an iconic tourism complex of Vietnam.

Local people normally call the Golden Bridge is “A walkway to the sky”. It now becomes Da Nang’s new treasure. The bridge attracts millions of international tourists annually.

Many domestic and international tourists come to the bridge each year
Many domestic and international tourists come to the bridge each year

The story of Golden Bridge

The government of Danang started to build the Golden Bridge in 2017. Finally, it opens in June 2018. The Golden Bridge Danang is 150m long and 12.8m wide. It is located 1,400m above sea level. 

Immediately, The Bana Hills Golden Bridge was on the list of the World’s 100 Greatest Places to visit by Times Journal in 2018.

People name it “Golden Bridge” (Cầu Vàng) because of its gilded railing frame. The architects want to illustrate that the Mountain God’s hands are lifting the bridge. The imagination is like God appreciates a golden silk strip and brings it toward the blue sky.

Outstanding features of the Bana Hills Golden Bridge

The majestic beauty

If you are a fan of fantasy movies, you cannot miss this sightseeing. The Bana Hills Golden Bridge Da Nang is praised by many travel bloggers due to its majesty. Stand on the bridge and take a picture to see how it looks like a scene in “Game of Thrones” or “The Lords of the Rings”.

The Bana Hills Golden Bridge Da Nang
The Bana Hills Golden Bridge Da Nang

The Golden Bridge is a unique architectural work. It is a mixture of harmonious groundbreaking architecture and spectacular nature.

The mossy, nostalgic hands with the green color of the mountains contrast with the bridge. It makes the bridge really shine under the sunlight.

In addition, the Lobelia Chrysanthemum flower is planted along the pathway on the bridge, creating color and eye-catching accents. They are giving visitors a poetic and romantic setting. Create more prominence for special events.

Interesting facts of Golden Bridge Da Nang

  • Bana Hills Golden Bridge’s unique style was created by a worldwide designing competition. 
  • It is on the top 10 list of the most famous attractions in Vietnam.
  • It is praised by international media (BBC News, CNN, Street Art Globe, etc.).
  • The Bana Hills Golden Bridge is compared to the Pon Alexandre III in France by international tourists.
  • You will travel by the Ba Na cable cars to reach the Golden Bridge.
The Golden Bridge in sunlight
The Golden Bridge in sunlight

Events Organized in the Golden Bridge Da Nang

With a recognized beauty, Bana Hills Golden Bridge is normally chosen to organize many events throughout the year. Fashion events are not an exception! 

There is a “Walk on a cloud” event organized twice a year. It is a fashion show on The Golden Bridge with the participation of famous designers.

It normally gathers more than 50 beauty queens, models, and 200 guests. Even V.I.P international guests are overwhelmed by the artistic atmosphere.  

Besides that, many visitors will choose the bridge as the place to celebrate an important milestone in life. Thus, many couples choose Bana Hills Golden Bridge to create their wedding photo album. It is an extremely romantic moment while seeing the sunset on the bridge.

Other attractions around Golden Bridge Danang

There are many other interesting things to discover around Bana Hills Golden Bridge. Down to the valley, you can find a French village with many attractions within. Here are some of them that you cannot miss!

Ba Na cable cars

At Bana Hills, one of the special points that visitors should not miss is sitting in the cable car cabin. With a modern cable car system, visitors will have the opportunity to see the scenery of Bana Hills from above, even higher than the view on the Golden Bridge. 

Bana Hills cable cars
Bana Hills cable cars

You can admire the green of the mountains and the landscape’s color. So that you can feel more comfortable and relaxed.

The cable car is built to the world standards and awarded as four world’s records by GWR (Guinness World Records): 

  • The longest cable car route: 5,801m.
  • The cable car route has the highest difference between the departure and arrival stations in the world: 1,368m.
  • Cable route with the longest total cable length: 11,587m.
  • The cable has the heaviest cable weight in the world: 141.24 tons.

Flower garden

You do not need to use the cable car from the Bana Hills Golden Bridge to visit the flower garden. Just follow the bridge and walk down to the valley.

The flower garden is designed in the style of the French named “Le Jardin d’ Amour”. It means “The Love Garden”. If you are a lover of romance and flowers’ beauty, you should not miss it.

Le Jardin d’ Amour garden
Le Jardin d’ Amour garden

There are nine small gardens within the flower garden. Each of them has a different architecture and a collection of numerous flowers. They include many rare and colorful ones. It is because of Bana Hill’s favorable weather. All contribute to creating a set of gardens full of romance and bright colors.

Wine cellar

On the way to Bana Hills Golden Bridge, you can come to the wine cellar. It is a place to keep a lot of precious wines from the French period. The wine cellar is a highly unique ancient French architecture. It has been nearly 100 years old.

The wine cellar has a length of more than 100m. Its temperature is always kept at 16-23 degrees to store the flavors of many precious wines. The deeper you go inside, the more you will feel the aroma of the wine. Moreover, you can enjoy a glass of wine as well as shop for wine bottles for relatives and family.

Fantasy park

With a total area of up to 21,000m2, Fantasy Park is considered one of the major amusement parks in Asia. The Fantasy Park was inspired by two famous books written by French writers.

Amusement Park
Amusement Park

The Fantasy Park includes three floors with more than 100 games. Hence, visitors can experience various games. They include many adventures and mystery games. The remarkable thing is that there is no time limit to play and it is all free. 

It will be a “wonderland” for children. Couples and families can enjoy it too. Thus, you can have a memorable time together in Bana Hills Golden Bridge Danang. We recommend it as a suitable choice for the end of the tour.

French village

It has the name “French village” because its architecture is inspired by France. The village has outstanding beauty, with both classic and modern styles. With an area of up to 45,300m2, French Village is divided into seven regions. It also includes places known as the most beautiful in France. 

All are recreated as a miniature France. Therefore, tourists experience a new world full of joys and unique scenes from Bana Hills.

Spiritual Landmarks

A next destination is a place where you can find tranquility and peace after a hard day of activities. Those are spiritual landmarks located on the top of Ba Na mountain. They are also on the way to visit the Bana Hills Golden Bridge.

Linh Phong Stupa
Linh Phong Stupa

Some spiritual landmarks are:

  • Linh Ung Pagoda
  • Linh Phong Stupa
  • Holy Mother Shrine

Linh Ung Pagoda is especially famous for its delicate, ancient, and dignified architecture. Visitors can feel the tranquility and pray for their family’s safety and health. In addition, visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of Da Nang from here.

To keep the respect as well as the sacredness, you should wear it formally. We recommend you to dress in long jeans, pants, T-shirts,… except short forms.

Additional Tips and Costs to visit the Golden Bridge Bana Hills

Herein, we will provide some local tips so that you can save more money. 

Best time to visit

Depending on personal preferences, there are different favorite seasons to visit Bana Hills Golden Bridge. For our preferences, the most suitable time is from April to September. 

It is the time when the fog has gradually dissipated. Thus, the weather is favorable for having fun and admiring the scenery here. Additionally, you can have better pictures at that time and clearly see the sunset from the bridge. 

Nice weather to visit the golden bridge
Nice weather to visit the Golden Bridge

However, it is also the crowdest time to visit Golden Bridge Danang. Many domestic, as well as international tourists, come to visit it during that time.

Another option is from December to March. This is also a quieter time of the Golden Bridge Da Nang. Hence, it is suitable to fully admire the bridge’s beauties. You can walk on the cloud, witness the fog under your feet like you are getting closer to the sky.

The local tip is to bring an umbrella and warm clothes with you. This time, it is freezing and rainy in Golden Bridge Bana Hills.

The Golden Bridge on a rainy day
The Golden Bridge on a rainy day

Moreover, the most beautiful time of the Golden Bridge Bana Hills is early morning and sunset. The Golden Bridge Danang will sparkle in the new sunlight. This is the best time to take pictures and breathe in the fresh air. Start a new day with sunlight on it.


From Danang to the Bana Hills Golden Bridge tourist area, you need to move to Bana Hills first. Then, buy a cable car ticket to reach there. 

We will provide you some information about how to get to Bana Hills from Da Nang city center. There are many vehicles that you can choose from. Here are some examples:

The shuttle bus

The first means of transport that can be mentioned is the shuttle bus. You can take a bus to Bana Hills from Da Nang city center. It costs 130,000 VND and freely picks you up from your hotel.

However, it may take a lot of time to travel. Furthermore, the driver may optimize the bus’s capacity with many people.

Private car

The second option is to rent a private car to get to Bana Hills. Many tourists choose this method because it is the fastest and the most appropriate solution. You also can enjoy the scenery in a modern car and cool air-conditioner, ready for upcoming fun.

The Sun World's entrance
The Sun World’s entrance

To rent a private car, you just need from 17 USD to 25 USD (from 390,000 VND to 575,000 VND) for a two-way trip. After that, you will see the ticketing area and travel by cable car to go to the Golden Bridge Bana Hills.

Tickets and Extra Costs of Golden Bridge Danang

Tickets to enter Bana Hills for an average adult is 750,000 VND per person. And for children under 1.5m tall, the average is 600,000 VND per child. Round trip on the cable car, entrance to the Golden Bridge, and most attractions in Bana Hills are included.

In addition, there is a free admission ticket for children under 1m tall. The ticket price will be lower if you book online. Furthermore, you will not have to wait in line with your online ticket.

Remember to book the ticket online to avoid the lines
Remember to book the ticket online to avoid the lines

Especially, you will have an opportunity to win special prizes and enjoy sumptuous dishes at famous restaurants in Bana Hills with your online ticket. 

There are many restaurants to enjoy after visiting Bana Hills Golden Bridge. We highly recommend a buffet restaurant where you can enjoy unlimited dining with a menu of more than 70 attractive Asian – European dishes. They also have luxurious and impressive spaces for the whole family.

Various cuisines in buffet restaurants
Various cuisines in buffet restaurants

Related tours

Besides the Bana Hills Golden Bridge tour, Hoi An tour is also a good choice for everyone. The place has many traditional cultures, ancient and dignified places. 

Hoi An ancient town is about 30 km from Da Nang city by road to the south. This city is the UNESCO recognized tourist destination in Vietnam. It attracts thousands of domestic and foreign tourists to visit each year.

Here, you can see the lanterns shimmering in the wind along with the Hoi An night market. It is an attractive spot that attracts many tourists to come to see and walk around. In addition, you can enjoy the famous banh mi in Hoi An, an heirloom bread with a special recipe that no one can miss,… All contribute to creating a colorful Hoi An ancient town.


I hope all the above information will help you to design a better trip. Get yourself a camera and phone ready to own the best moments. Good luck!