Hoi An White Rose is a famous and delicious dish. It is a small-sized dumpling. It has appeared for more than 100 years. Vietnamese people call it “Bông Hồng Trắng”

In this blog, we will provide a lot of local information for you, as a traveler, about the White Rose Hoi An. Hence, you can fully understand the meaning of the dumpling as well as thoroughly enjoy it. Let’s explore this unique dish together!

The well-known Hoi An White Rose
The well-known Hoi An White Rose

History of Hoi An White Rose

Hoi An has been famous for its traditional architectural beauty. Along with that are traditional dishes with the influences of many different cultures. Hoi An Ancient Town is a rare place to find a unique blend of Vietnamese, Japanese, and Chinese cuisine.

Hoi An in the 1600s

The old town is located downstream of the Thu Bon River, in the coastal plain of Quang Nam province. This place was once occupied by the Japanese, Chinese, and Western countries in the 16th century.

Thanks to favorable geographical and climate factors, Hoi An used to be a busy international trading port. Thus, there were many Japanese and Chinese merchants who came here for business.

Since then, Hoi An flourished and was greatly influenced by their culture. As a result, unique cooking styles and techniques have been formed. A variety of flavors based on different cultures makes Hoi An’s cuisine so special.

Chinese cuisine influences

Yes, Chinese cuisine has affected Hoi An’s cuisine since the 1600s. Hence, there are many special dishes from China. One of the most significant ones is the White Rose Hoi An. It contains the beauty of Chinese cuisine.

Hoi An White Rose or dumplings for short originated from a Chinese family about 130 years ago. This long-standing traditional cake is actually from the Dimsum family.

The shape of White Rose Hoi An
The shape of White Rose Hoi An

Now, the recipe for this dumpling is a secret. It has been passed down to the descendants of the family and kept developing until now. Only one family has the recipe and is located at 533 Hai Ba Trung Street. This Hoi An White Rose restaurant has been serving these dumplings for four generations now.

Creator Tran Tuan Ngai

Tran Tuan Ngai is the third-generation recipe keeper of the traditional White Rose dumplings. It originated with his grandfather, who initially made these light and fluffy dumplings only for family dinners, but later sold them to his neighbors. 

Additionally, White Rose restaurant in Hoi An still has its dumplings supplied by Tran Tuan Ngai, who holds the key to the secret recipe. The restaurant produces the White Rose Hoi An that is hand-folded every morning and delivered to the restaurants featured on the menu.

The birth of White Rose dumplings

A French tourist gave the name “White Rose” in the 17th century when he came and enjoyed this dumpling. He felt that its flavor was delicious and the shape of a white rose. From then, it was also known as White Rose.

Many tourists have come to enjoy its flavor and admire the beauty of a white rose. Now, it is like an “heirloom” that Hoi An people are proud of. 

What makes Hoi An white rose so special

The white rose includes two types of cakes: dumplings and cauldron cakes. They have the same ingredients and almost the same making method. The simple ingredients are flour, meat, and mushrooms but the cake is delicate in shaping. The White Rose is molded into flowers like pure white roses. The two kinds of cake paired into a “couple” to eat together. 

And the important thing for you to successfully make this dish is perseverance, ingenuity, and meticulous attention to even the smallest detail.

The dumplings are only served in Hoi An
The dumplings are only served in Hoi An

On the surface, the dumpling is still the familiar round cake, but smaller, the mouth of the cake has a shape that looks like a rose. And the cauldron cake is like a filter cake, crescent-like the moon, but larger and more skillfully made. 

Dumplings are one of the signature dishes of white rose restaurant hoi an. The cakes with the thick filling inside and the accompanying dipping sauce are delicious. Making anyone who tastes them will not stop complimenting.

These things create a unique feature in the famous Hoi An White Rose in the city so that it becomes one of the specialties of Hoi An that every visitor likes and loves.

Steps to make Hoi An White Rose

There are many instructions on how to cook the white rose dumplings, but they are just general. The real secrets are still kept by a family that runs White Rose Restaurant at 533 Hai Ba Trung Street. 

Some restaurants located on this street also sell special dumplings but are not as famous as the White Rose Restaurant in Hoi An.

Family members having fun making Hoi An's dumplings together
Family members having fun making Hoi An’s dumplings together

The White Rose is entirely handmade from the selection of ingredients to the preliminary processing and shaping of the cake. Creating the cake requires the maker to be very skillful to ensure the right taste. 

Furthermore, the baking process is taken care of by more than 20 family members. The production capacity can reach more than 10000 cakes per day. Here is the Hoi An White Rose making process:

Step 1: White rice flour to make the crust

The cake’s main ingredient is rice flour. To have a delicious crust, you must choose rice grown on clean fields. In addition, the rice must be soaked for a long time, rinsed with water many times before being milled.

Bring the clean rice into a pot of water and grind it into a powder. Then, bring this flour to soak in water, let the rice flour settle to the bottom. 

The perfect crust of the White Rose
The perfect crust of the White Rose

Next is the process of filtering flour with water, which Hoi An people often call “elated”.

In this stage, repeat about 15-20 times until the powder settles and the water is clear, then drain the water. Knead the dough again and make a clean bowl. 

Step 2: Ba Le well water – a unique element

To make the perfect crust of Hoi An White Rose, we cannot miss step two. That is to get water from Ba Le well. It has a unique structure, and the location has an abundant underground water source that makes the water in the well never dry.

The remarkable thing is that the water source is immaculate, clean, and not contaminated with alum, impurities. People can come to carry water to store and make the White Rose. This helps keep the authentic flavor and characteristics of the dish.

The water is an integral part of the recipe for the White Rose Hoi An. Water in Ba Le well will help the crust look as transparent as crystal petals.

Step 3: Prepare ingredients for Hoi An White Rose

The filling includes different types, distinguishing between dumplings and cauldron cakes. The common ingredient of White Rose dumplings is shrimp paste, delicious fresh shrimp that are well pounded and mixed with fish sauce. Other elements are shiitake mushrooms, onions, and seasonings. 

The cauldron cake’s ingredients include pork, garlic, beansprouts, carrots, green onion, and spices.

All are well mixed and fried before wrapping.

Happy moments of tourists joining the cooking class
Happy moments of tourists joining the cooking class

Step 4: Packing of the White Rose dumplings 

The shaping of the cake requires the maker to have high patience combined with skillful and meticulous hands. That makes the White Rose Hoi An always keep the beauty as its name. Here are the cake wrapping steps:

  • Prepare a small cup of cooking oil, dip two fingers in the oil so that the dough does not stick when kneading.
  • The dough has been kneaded into a mold and divided into small pieces. Then, using your hands to roll gradually, spread the dough into a skinny and even crust.
  • Finally, press your thumb in the center so that the crust sinks, creating space to stuff the filling.

Step 5: Steaming 

At this point, the cake has been shaped like a rose. Next, gently place the cake in the steamer for about 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, it can be served to customers.

Freshly steamed White Rose
Freshly steamed White Rose

Along with that, the dipping sauce is also highly meticulous. In the sweet and sour dipping sauce, add some fried onions and spicy chili. A bowl of standard dipping sauce is a harmonious combination of 3 flavors of sour, spicy, and sweet together. It all makes for an impressive specialty dish.

The outer shell of each dumpling looks like a white flower and will turn milky after steaming.

Bonus: Decorate Hoi An white rose 

Furthermore, to highlight the white color of the cake, they often put a layer of green leaves on the plate before placing the cake. The White Rose dumplings are usually displayed in the middle, and cauldron cakes are put around the plate. Then there is a layer of fried onions on top of the cake plate.

Last but not least, you should eat the White Rose Hoi An while it’s still hot to enjoy the full flavor of the dish. Everything is ready and waiting for you to enjoy!

Tips and cost

White Rose restaurant in Hoi An

The best place to enjoy the original taste of the special dumplings is at Hoi An White Rose restaurant at 533 Hai Ba Trung Street. The restaurant opens at 07:00 am and closes at 08:30 pm.

This is one of the famous restaurants with good reviews from locals. Here, you will be able to witness firsthand the process of making dumplings by professional chefs. The place to create the most delicious cakes to conquer even the most demanding customers.

Visitors enjoying lunch at the White Rose restaurant in Hoi An
Visitors enjoying lunch at the White Rose restaurant in Hoi An

In addition, the White Rose restaurant in Hoi An has existed for a long time in the old town and is still on the rise. Besides the famous dumplings and cauldron cakes, the restaurant also serves many other specialty dishes such as spring rolls, wontons, etc.

Due to the prominence of White Rose, the restaurant is always in a crowded state. So, if you do not want to wait, book a table in advance! The dishes on the menu will range from 50,000 to 100,000 VND, including the White Rose special dish.

Join dumpling cooking class

Another special thing, at the White Rose restaurant in Hoi An, you will have the opportunity to make these legendary dumplings. If you are still wondering about what to do in Hoi An then this dumpling-making class is a must-try.

Dumpling making class - a unique experience in your Hoi An trip
Dumpling making class – a unique experience in your Hoi An trip

Everyone in the family is happy to guide wholeheartedly. Encourage the tourist to participate and create a mood, fun, bustling space.

If you are a food lover, then this is an exciting experience for you. Quickly prepare yourself for a trip to Hoi An so that you can visit the white rose restaurant Hoi An to enjoy the food and learn how to make White Rose dumplings.


All in all, with a unique taste and attractive appearance, Hoi An White Rose is a delicious dish in town. If you have the opportunity to come to Hoi An ancient town, do not forget to enjoy the specialty of White Rose. Good Luck!!